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Cable Container Woofy Norman Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Woofy

Cable Container Normann Copenhagen Woofy

Cable Container Normann Copenhagen Woofy. Woofy is a cable container and your new friend. Maintenance: Clean with damp cloth.

Woofy is a cable container in the shape of a dog. He has many good qualities and he is mans best friend when it comes to concealing cables.

Woofy is made of plastic and has a hollow inside. Put the cables in the lidded opening at the back of his legs and store the cables in his stomach.

Woofy lets you conceal your cable spaghetti in a decorative and fun way. He is perfect for the office, the living room or anywhere else where you have a lot of cables.

For further information on the cable container, checking availability and price, contact us using the form on the right side of this page or write to