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Normann Copenhagen Plus

Bed Linen Normann Copenhagen Plus

Bed Linen Normann Copenhagen Plus. The cotton is satinweaved, making the bed linen extra smooth. Hidden button closure. Thread Count: 300, Density: 60sx40s. Maintenance: Wash before use. Wash with similar colors at 60˚C.

Plus and Cube are a series of minimalistic bed linen with a discreet feel. As an alternative to the usual flowery designs or the big and colorful graphic patterns seen on a lot of bed linen, the Plus and Cube bed linen consist of peacefully understated prints. Cube has a pattern of squares that gradually fade completely away.

Plus and Cube are made of satin weaved cotton with a soft and smooth quality, making them incredibly comfortable to sleep in.

Cube is available in an inviting mint and a cool, subdued blue and the simple graphical patterns and soft colors make the Cube bed linen ideal for most homes.

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