Accessory MU’factory OVETTO T-14

Accessory MU’factory OVETTO T-14

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MU’factory OVETTO T-14

Accessory MU’factory OVETTO T-14

Accessory MU’factory OVETTO T-14. OVETTO is an art-design object belonging to MU’trans project, Unique handcrafted pieces or limited edition.

The home accessory is seen as a sculpture crossing the thin line between art and design.
The material used is silicone rubber which contributes to create unusual objects.

UNUSUAL OBJECTS which stir up contrasting feelings, The objects created look like static but they become tender, elastic and mobile if touched; they start to vibrate and wave unexpectedly.
The intent is to create emotional objects with own power that come to life through interaction with those who have a contact.

Each piece is entirely made by hand and comes with a progressive serial number CERTIFICATE, attesting its uniqueness.

With the collection of home accessories and jewelry MU’ studio has participated to several exhibitions and in 2011 won the 1st place in the international competition “A’ Design Award” winning the Platinum in “Art, Crafts and Ready-Made Design” category.

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Have a look at the several alternatives MU’Factory proposes. Often, each one is available in more than one covering/color. Write us for further information & support with the choice of the product.

Design MU’Factory
Additional information
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 17 × 20 cm

Black, Red, Transparent & Red, White


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