Renew your house

Your house must be unique and special, just like you, and to achieve this aim the only limits are those of imagination, and not the ones of budget. So, if when you look around you find your house old-fashioned, if you feel the need to renew, to give a lashing of energy, to see your domestic life under a new light and to give it colour, don't repress this desire ... allow yourself a little luxury, give yourself a gift. Abitare will help you to realise Your dream. We will broaden Your spaces, renew Your furniture, enlighten Your environments.

Ask for an expert advice

First meeting: once Your needs, expectations and aims have been clarified, we will see your house, we will take the photos we need, measure the rooms to furnish and take note the position of any furnishing, accessory and spot lighting.
Second meeting: we will submit you the plan and discuss it, if necessary we will adjust it and solve any doubt arisen during the planning phase.
Third meeting: this is the decisive meeting because we will be able to realise the plan of your dreams, custom-made for Your house.

We are always next to you

It may happen that, a few months after the purchase, your furniture needs a little "servicing": a drawer needs to be adjusted, a door to be repositioned, a screw to be fastened ... don't worry: a phone call is enough for Abitare Courtesy Service to be at your disposal for fast and efficient maintenance services. But you can always count on our after-sales service, even over the years, to maintain the efficiency and the value of your furniture.